The Reading & Literacy Discovery Center (RLDC) is a Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) program designed to improve children’s reading and literacy in the Cincinnati area and around the world. Collaborating with local schools, educational experts, community members, and local, national and international universities and academic institutions, the RLDC’s vision is to enable every child to discover reading as a path to learning. 

As part of CCHMC, a world leader in children’s health, the Reading & Literacy Discovery Center is committed to integrating neuroscience, genetics and behavioral research methods with evidence-based reading interventions to improve childhood literacy by identifying reading difficulties before they happen. RLDC’s unique make-up of research scientists, medical professionals and doctors, and professional educators, provides children and their families with ongoing research that includes identification and treatments for children with reading disorders.

While approximately 6-17% of all children can be identified as learning disabled with dyslexia, a much higher percentage of children experience reading difficulties every day. The Reading & Literacy Discovery Center at Cincinnati Children’s is committed to preventing reading difficulties in children by screening children early to assess pre-reading skills and to identify and treat children with both reading difficulties and reading disorders. Additionally, the RLDC partners with local schools to provide evidence based interventions and therapies, educational tools, and resources to for parents, educators and researchers.

The Reading & Literacy Discovery Center website is designed to be a resource tool for parents, educators, and clinicians and a central information hub for comprehensive and up to date information about reading and literacy programs.  RLDC clinicians and scientists are continually evaluating the latest scientific discoveries related to the science of reading and teaching methods in order to improve children’s reading skills.

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