Pediatric Grand Rounds - Brains, Books, and Beyond - Early Literacy as a Critical Development Issue

Cincinnati Children’s Pediatric Grand Rounds on “The Brain, Books and Beyond”

This 45 minute seminar is given by 4 speakers.

Leading off is John S. Hutton, MS, MD who presents the latest neuroimaging research providing evidence for the recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics that reading to your child starting from birth, stimulates brain development.  Dr. Greg Szumlas, MD follows with a overview of two programs in Cincinnati that are making making books available to children from birth to 5 years, even if their families are not able to buy them.  Reach Out and Read is a program that distributes books to children at well-check visits at the pediatricians clinic, together with a brief explanation to parents of the importance of reading to their children and how to do it interactively.  Imagination Library is part of a national program that began in Memphis Tennessee through generous efforts by Dolly Parton.  This program mails books to children’s homes every 6-months until the age of 5 years, providing a library of 60 books for every child by the time they start school.  Finally Christina Williams, MS and Cheryl Broadnax, MEd, from Cincinnati Children’s Anderson Center for Quality Improvement Research and Cincinnati Public Schools respectively, discuss the application of quality improvement methodology to the challenge of improving reading instruction and learning for 1st-3rd graders in Cincinnati Public Schools.  The four speakers cover a broad range of activities underway in the Cincinnati community currently aimed at improving literacy rates in school children.