Advisory Board

Director of the Center for Learning Disorders, Family Service and Guidance Center
Executive Producer of Sunday Baroque
Associate Professor of Cognitive Developmental Psychology, UC
Executive Director, Avondale Comprehensive Development Corporation
Medical Director of Outpatient Services and Director of Psychotherapy Services, CCHMC
Director, Division of General and Community Pediatrics
Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology
Professor, Xavier University Department of Childhood Education and Literacy
Executive Director, Langsford Learning Acceleration Centers
Scientific Director, Reading and Literacy Discovery Center
Director, Reading & Literacy Discovery Center
Business Director II, Division of Pulmonary Medicine - Clinical
Executive Director of The Strive Partnership
Professional Development Specialist for Literacy at Mayerson Academy
Director, Communication Sciences Research Center
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Associate Professor, Xavier University
Assistant Professor, Division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics