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Dyslexia Assessment & Diagnostic Services

University of Cincinnati’s Department of Psychology offers Dyslexia Assessment & Diagnosis through the Behavioral Health Center.  Dr. Tino Mano leads this program, providing research-based, comprehensive diagnostic assessment of learning disorders for children (grade 2 and above), adolescents, and young adults who are thought to have specific learning disorders such as dyslexia. The clinical program provides services to UC and the broader Cincinnati community under the direction of a neuropsychologist, clinical psychologists, and pediatric psychologists. The program allows for Ph.D graduate students in clinical psychology to complete the testing under the supervision of licensed clinical psychologists.

Dr. Mano who leads the Dyslexia Assessment and Diagnosis program at UC, is partnering with the Reading & Literacy Discovery Center in two capacities. First, Dr. Mano serves as a clinical referral for families seeking a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of learning disabilities (e.g., dyslexia, dyscalculia). Second, Dr. Mano collaborates with the center on brain imaging research designed to examine the neurobiology of a unique facet of reading called orthographic processing. His research program merges clinical and experimental neuropsychological assessment with brain imaging technology such as functional magnetic resonance imaging.