Clinical Services

Currently, the Reading and Literacy Discovery Center is offering reading evaluations to children (6 years old through 8th grade) with suspected reading difficulties. The RLDC performs comprehensive evaluations to determine your child’s reading strengths and weaknesses, and screens for conditions that may affect reading and literacy. We provide a diagnosis as well as detailed recommendations and strategies for working with your child at home and in school.

If you, your child's teacher or your child's healthcare professional suspect a reading difficulty, please call: 1-513-803-(READ) 7323 or use the Contact Page to get an appointment set up.  Evaluations are performed by qualified professionals including: educational diagnosticians, speech-language pathologists, and reading specialists. 



What are the signs of a reading disorder?

·        Family history of reading problems

·        History of being a late talker

·        Difficulty rhyming words

·        Difficulty saying or writing the alphabet

·        Difficulty remembering letter sounds

·        Difficulty reading new words

·        Slow, difficult reading and/or writing

·        Difficulty answering questions about what was read

·        Reading below grade level

·        Difficulty writing ideas on paper